Our Story



Plastic pollution is a problem, a huge problem. The plastic soup in the oceans is enormous and on land you come across plastic in the most strangest places. This is very harmful to nature and ultimately also to us as people. Animals see the plastic as food and so the harmful substances that are processed in plastic end up in the food chain, in which we, as people, stand at the top. The plastic eventually ends up on our own plate.


Aluminum is not much better than plastic. It is expensive to extract and it is energy intensive to melt aluminum. It may be a bit technical, but aluminum is mainly extracted from bauxite. The remains of this cause a red mud with a high acidity and that is very harmful to nature. The soil becomes unsuitable for agriculture and the groundwater polluted with metals. Aluminum is often used in the production of coffee capsules. As far as we are concerned, it is certainly not worth it for a nice cup of coffee.


That’s right! Among others, Nespresso and L’Or have a recycling program for their capsules. However, something has to be done before the capsules can actually be recycled: the coffee grounds are rinsed out with water, the capsule is shredded, the ink on the capsule is burnt and the aluminum is then melted down. Another environmentally harmful process.